Planning for communities

PlanCom Consulting offers professional services in environmental planning and community engagement.
Our clients are private sector, all levels of government and non-government organisations. The sectors of our work include infrastructure, land development, community planning, community development and natural resources.


PlanCom Consulting is your partner in creating a successful project.
We provide services in:

  • Planning Approvals and Environmental Assessment

    Managing and negotiating the scope, resources, budget and timeframes for the project approval process.

  • Community Engagement

    We understand that sometimes it is difficult to know where to start with talking to the public about your projects and plans.

  • Facilitation

    We will work with you to effectively engage your community, whether it be as part of the large open forum or in designing a structured workshop to gain specific input.

  • Management and Advisory

    For project development, construction and operation.

  • Training

    We specialise in training to assist you to effectively engage communities



Director, Environmental Planning
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Director, Community Engagement
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Community Engagement and Planning
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Margaret Harvie and Julian Ardas established PlanCom Consulting in 2007 following careers in private sector and government since the 1980s. They both led teams as part of the environmental service offerings for major international consultancy firms. They offer efficient solutions to projects or problems with consideration of potential risks based on extensive experience and knowledge.

PlanCom provides quality and tailored consulting services and offers:

  • Client and project focus
  • Flexibility
  • Integration with your existing team
  • Extensive experience in specialist areas
  • Extensive contacts in government and
    technical disciplines

While often asked to provide expert and peer review or senior management advice PlanCom are practitioners working day to day with your team to find and implement the best solutions.  Using the small core team they have a network of associates that can provide the required specialist advice to your assignment or project.