For projects, professional advice in planning is vital. The skills required for approval and planning are different to the operational skills to get your project to fruition.

What we do.

Planning Approvals and Environmental Assessment

Managing and negotiating the scope, resources, budget and timeframes for the project approval process.

  • Management and preparation of documentation in accordance with relevant Local, State and Commonwealth legislative requirements
  • Coordination of multidisciplinary teams to assess and mitigate issues
  • Collaborating to develop workable Conditions of Approval
  • Development of systems and methods to monitor and manage Conditions of Approval
  • Expertise in approvals for New South Wales State Significant Infrastructure and State Significant Development

Community Engagement

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to know where to start with talking to the public about your projects and plans.

Who do we talk to in the community? What if they object, become angry or ask for something that we can’t offer?  It can look easier to avoid engaging at all. We will work with you to determine the risk of engaging the public versus, what may be, a greater risk of not engaging or commencing this engagement without a plan.

In advance of engaging we will help you develop a plan commensurate with the potential for public interest and impact and:

  • establish objectives that are achievable and appropriate to your needs and those of the public
  • work to minimise public concern and/or plan to manage potential outrage
  • identify interested and impacted community and stakeholders
  • understand the issues and impacts from the perspective of the public
  • establish the measures for success

During the engagement we will work with you to:

  • apply the appropriate tools and techniques
  • develop a relationship with the impacted and interested public
  • facilitate and manage conflict with the public and between groups in the community.


We will work with you to effectively engage your community, whether it be as part of the large open forum or in designing a structured workshop to gain specific input.

We will spend time to understand what you need and create plans to deliver this outcome. A Council Mayor recently said of our facilitation for a master plan workshop that we “showed commitment and passion for the creation of outcomes for the community commensurate with the passion of the residents themselves”.

We listen to the community using our skills as facilitators and reflect this in accurately reporting the outcomes, gaining their trust. Familiarity with the outrage management strategies of Dr Peter Sandman gives us the ability to readily apply these strategies when appropriate.

Importantly we will help you:

  • Clarify what you want from your workshop or engagement and design a process to meet the objectives
  • Plan activities that will lead to relevant reporting outcomes which can be readily communicated to participants
  • Document the outcomes so they can be understood by those participating and other interested community members and in that they can translate into action
  • Create meaningful and engaging activities for participants
  • Evaluate your facilitated activities

Management and Advisory

For project development, construction and operation.

  • Interface with the client team during each project phase to manage planning, environment, community and sustainability aspects that contribute to balanced outcomes within agreed timeframes and budgets.
  • Source and manage multi-disciplinary planning, environment, community engagement and sustainability teams for each phase – project development, construction and operations.
  • Assist to develop documents such as Business Case, Planning Approvals, Environmental Management Plans and Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plans.
  • Reviews and audits and creation of systems for environment and community engagement using the Quality Assurance Standards of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) Ratings Scheme. International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) Ratings Scheme.